IMPRESSIONS Project Videos

Project Overview

Project introduction and methodology

IMPRESSIONS Methodology: A Summary

Key Questions

What could a future above 2°C look like?

What are the consequences of a future above 2°C?

What do we want the future to look like?

How can a sustainable future be achieved?

What/Who are the solutions?

Case Studies

Case Study: Europe

Case Study: Iberia

Case Study: Hungary

Case Study: Scotland

Case Study: Central Asia

Stakeholder Workshops

Final IMPRESSIONS Stakeholder Workshop

Third Hungarian Case Study Workshop
Second Scottish Case Study Workshop

Second Hungarian Case Study Workshop

IMPRESSIONS Scotland – Workshop 1 (mini workshop)

 First IMPRESSIONS Hungarian Case Study Workshop


Explaining the project: WP2

Explaining the project: WP1 

Overview by project co-ordinator Paula Harrison

Ian Holman on the European Case Study

The Bond You Hold

The Bond You Hold from Diego Galafassi on Vimeo.






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