IMPRESSIONS Integrated Assessment Platform version 2 (IAP2)

The IMPRESSIONS Integrated Assessment Platform (IAP2) is an extension of the CLIMSAVE Integrated Assessment Platform (IAP1;>; It integrates a suite of ten sectoral models representing agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, water resources, fluvial and coastal flooding and urban development within a web-based platform. To facilitate the cross-sectoral model linkages and to reduce model run-time, a meta-modelling approach was used whereby computationally efficient models that emulate the performance of more complex models were developed. Two versions of IAP2 exist for Europe (the EU28 plus Norway and Switzerland) operating at a spatial resolution of 10 arcmin x 10 arcmin (approximately 16km x 16km) and for Scotland operating at a spatial resolution of 5km x 5km. The model produces outputs of both sector-based impact and vulnerability indicators and ecosystem services in order to link climate change impacts directly to human well-being. For further details see this paper.

*Please note that the application can be run only with Internet Explorer, due to Silverlight restrictions.