21.04.2015 - 22.04.2015
JPI Climate Workshop: Improving knowledge for enhanced climate change response and decision-making
The JPI Climate Workshop: "Improving knowledge for enhanced climate change response and decision-making"will take place on  21 - 22 April 2015  at the JPI Climate Central Secretariat, Brussels, Belgium.

Within the intergovernmental initiative JPI Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe (JPI Climate) launched in 2011 fourteen European countries have now committed to coordinate their activities in the field of climate research by implementing a jointly developed Strategic Research Agenda. JPI Climate contributes with its common efforts to the overall EU objective of developing and strengthening the European Research Area. It supports excellent science and multilateral cooperation focusing on giving answers to climate change, societal circumstances and changes. The integration across the sciences is part of JPI Climate working concept which aims at fostering cross-border and cross-disciplinary research and science-practice interaction. Climate Knowledge refers both to the creation of knowledge and the use of knowledge or knowledge uptake.

Climate Knowledge being at the heart of the initiative JPI Climate covers the whole spectrum from creation of knowledge to the use of it in terms of impact on societal change within its various action fields. This upcoming workshop on "Improving knowledge for enhanced climate change response and decision-making" will explore the mechanisms of influencing decision making in order to better understand how knowledge needs to be provided and conveyed in order to finally result in relevant action in the face of climate change.

More information here: http://www.jpi-climate.eu/news-events/events/10857330/JPI-Climate-Workshop-Improving-knowledge-for-enhanced-climate-change-response-and-decision-making

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