IMPRESSIONS Scotland – Workshop 1 (mini workshop)

Stakeholders are an integral part of the IMPRESSIONS project and continue to contribute positively to the research in the project. On the 22nd September, 17 stakeholders from a wide range of organisations with an interest in land resource management in Scotland participated in a one day workshop with IMPRESSIONS researchers.

The workshop was a great success and provided an opportunity for stakeholders and researchers to co-create knowledge. The day featured facilitated breakout sessions during which stakeholders reviewed and further developed plausible socio-economic storylines of what the future might look like for Scotland.

Video credit: Archie Crofton

This involved linking the CLIMSAVE Scottish scenarios to the new IPCC-related global Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSP) and downscaled European SSPs developed within IMPRESSIONS. These will be combined with intermediate and high-end climate change scenarios and used to explore potential impacts for Scotland.

Stakeholders also contributed their visions for Scotland in the year 2100 – that is, what they would, in an ideal world, like the country to be like by that point. Discussions were lively and more often than not reached consensus!

The IMPRESSIONS team looks forward to working further with these and other stakeholders during the course of the project to develop adaptation and mitigation pathways for reaching this vision for Scotland. For a video wrap-up of the workshop and more, please visit our YouTube Channel.

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