Growing Challenge of Climate Change: A Report

A new UK National Trust report ‘Forecast Changeable’ illustrates new ways to manage properties has had to be explored in the face of a changing climate. Some have become damaged by rainwater and flooding and gardens are increasingly affected by drought and disease.

The effects of these changes are not confined to one region; they are in evidence across the UK. For example, at Nymans in West Sussex, drought issues meant water storage capacity had to be doubled to 80,000 litres. Increased demand necessitated that this be raised to 150,000 litres 

The Plant Conservation Centre, which is responsible for grafting and propagating important collections for our gardens, has become a victim of warmer winters. The period of time available for grafting has been cut in half, making the procedure only possible in the cooler periods from January to March. A second facility was opened to accommodate the climatic change.

Read more about the results here.

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