Nature can help reduce the impacts of climate change

Building and managing a well-planned network of natural areas might provide an effective and, in many cases, cheaper solution for coping with natural disasters such as floods or landslides, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) reports.
A new report published on 25/11/2015 by the EEA explores how ‘green infrastructure’ can help Europe prepare for and reduce the loss from weather- and climate-related hazards.

Weather- and climate-related hazards, including extreme precipitation, floods, wet mass movement (e.g. avalanches and landslides) and storm surges are among the costliest and deadliest natural hazards in Europe and globally. The EEA’s new report ‘Exploring nature-based solutions: the role of green infrastructure in mitigating the impacts of weather- and climate change-related natural hazards’ focuses on certain types of extreme events and hazards in Europe that are likely to be amplified by ongoing climate change.

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