IMPRESSIONS 3rd Modellers Meeting

The 3rd IMPRESSIONS Modellers Meeting took place on 2 & 3 December 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The meeting brought together the IMPRESSIONS modelling team to discuss future model development and application to the high-end climate change scenarios.

Discussions during the 3rd modellers meeting; Credit: George Cojocaru

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss progress in modelling activities within the five IMPRESSIONS case studies (global, European, Hungary, Iberia and Scotland).  A variety of different types of models are being utilised in the case studies, including top-down approaches such as global and regional integrated assessment models, and process-based models, and bottom-up approaches such as agent-based models and mixed qualitative-quantitative participatory approaches.  All the modelling work has a strong focus on improving the representation of cross-sectoral interactions and the representation of the adaptation process by taking account of constraints, triggers, time lags and consequences. 

The meeting consisted of various plenary session to discuss common themes such as the application of the models to the climate (RCP) and socio-economic (SSP) scenarios, and breakout groups to discuss (i) future workplans for modelling coping/adaptive capacity, vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation within each case study; and (ii) which model indicators to show at the second set of stakeholder workshops that will take place during 2016.

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