Third General Assembly: Activating IMPRESSIONS full potential

Every year, IMPRESSIONS partners get together to discuss their progress and future steps towards achieving the project’s long-term goals. This year the IMPRESSIONS General Assembly took place in Florence, Italy, on 19-21 January 2016 to mark the start of a rather active period ahead.

Group photo from the 3rd General Assembly meeting; Credit: Pensoft

IMPRESSIONS has just entered into its third year and with the research activities now taking shape and picking up speed, there are many exciting results and events to come. A second set of case-study-based stakeholder workshops, following the success of the first round, are planned throughout the year to co-develop adaptation and mitigation actions for tackling the impacts and vulnerabilities highlighted by our scenario and modelling work.  This ensures that IMPRESSIONS results take account of complex real-life situations and the specific decision-making context for each case study.

Meanwhile, many other activities continue at full speed such as the analysis of the user needs survey and the initial scenario and modelling results.  Methods and processes are also under development to ensure integration of the project results both across topics and case study scales, and their representation in user-friendly formats within the IMPRESSIONS Information Hub.

Having entered its third year the project is now planning several publications, including a policy booklet on high-end climate change and a Journal Special Issue covering the wide range of topics covered in IMPRESSIONS (decision-making under uncertainty; stakeholder engagement; climate and socio-economic scenarios; climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability modelling; indirect effects; economic implications; and transformative solutions).

In addition, together with our sister projects HELIX and RISES-AM, IMPRESSIONS is in charge of organizing the 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) conference that will take place on 6-8 June 2017 in Glasgow, UK.


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