One step closer to the IMPRESSIONS Information Hub

A first draft design of the Information Hub together with a summary of the next steps has been finalized as an important milestone towards one of IMPRESSIONS’s major outputs.

The IMPRESSIONS Information Hub will synthesise the results of the project and aims to become both a reflective and engaging open tool to steer further debate on how to confront high-end scenarios in Europe and beyond.

The Hub is planned as an easy-to-use tool for practitioners aiming to gain practical insights on the results of the projects using, for example, maps, policy briefs, narratives, videos and infographics. It will also provide guidance for practitioners and other researchers to follow the steps taken within the IMPRESSIONS project, such as participatory scenario development, visioning, pathway development, and assessment of risks and opportunities in the context of high-end scenarios.

Over the coming months the design of the Hub will evolve based on discussions within the project and with stakeholders in upcoming workshops. This will proceed together with the development of the content of the Hub.

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