Visions for Hungary: Second Hungarian Case Study Workshop

Planned series of three workshops for each case study are at the beating heart of IMPRESSIONS research efforts. These events allow researchers to meet stakeholders from across policy and practice and measure the project’s work against real-world needs and experiences.

With the advice collected from the first Hungarian case study workshop in 2015, and with fresh ideas and results collected over the last year, the IMPRESSIONS team met up with Hungarian stakeholders for the second time to discuss different socio-economic scenarios and a positive vision for the region.

The Second Hungarian case study workshop took place from 28-29 June 2016 in Veszprém, Hungary. The event brought together about 50 stakeholders and researchers with the aim to develop possible adaptation and mitigation solutions for Hungary by 2100 in the event of extreme climate change (above 2°C ).

Group photo - worskhop participants; Credit: Gellért Gombai

Various aspects of climate change impacts were discussed in several main categories, including: human health, agricultural and urban land use, and water.

Taking back results from the discussions, IMPRESSIONS researchers will now model the possible pathways from now until 2100 that will ensure sustainability of the jointly developed positive vision.

Scenario visuals; Credit: BEE Environmental Communication

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