High-end climate change at COP23: IMPRESSIONS, HELIX and RISES-AM- held a joint side event

What could the future look like under high-end climate change (above 2oC global warming)? IMPRESSIONS, alongside its sister-projects HELIX and RISES-AM-, shared insights during a side-event at COP23 held in Bonn, Germany, 6-17 November 2017.

Looking at different aspects of high-end global warming, the three projects presented results including assessments of impacts and the potential for adaptation in a number of sectors, at a range of scales from global to individual cities, including coastal areas. IMPRESSIONS also presented results on different adaptation, mitigation and transformation pathways to achieving resilience and sustainability in the context of high-end warming scenarios.

Key results from the three projects regarding sectors, such as food and water security, biodiversity, human health, coasts and human migration can be freely accessed in the joint policy booklet "High-end Climate Change in Europe", launched earlier this year at ECCA 2017.

While the two other projects have already come to an end, IMPRESSIONS is in its final stages, where other major results are beginning to appear. These will be combined in the forthcoming Information Hub, which will be freely available online.



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