The IMPRESSIONS Policy Day: Final event envisions future steps

What could high-end climate change (warming of above 2°C) lead to? How can we prevent dramatic climate and socio-economic scenarios? These are some of the questions researched within the IMPRESSIONS project and presented at the Policy Day in Brussels on 22 October 2018.

IMPRESSIONS Final dissemination event in Brussels

The final policy event encompassed the mission of IMPRESSIONS, as well as the value and impact of the project with respect to the results and case studies conducted within the five year collaboration of 26 partners from 16 European countries. The work behind the IMPRESSIONS project and the next steps towards achieving the vision were key topics at the Policy Day in Brussels, with policy integration being crucial in response to high-end climate change.

Within a panel debate, participants talked about the integrated climate and socio-economic scenarios and modelling the impacts of high-end climate change. With lots of discussions over lunch and coffee, participants covered a wide range of topics related to the impacts of high-end climate change and the effectiveness of solutions to high-end scenarios.  

At the Final Policy event, IMPRESSIONS launched the High-end solutions Information Hub, a new online resource, which provides comprehensive knowledge on the nature and scale of more extreme and long-term consequences of climate and socio-economic change. With strong visual illustration of the researched topics, the tool is created to guide scientists and decision-makers working on adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development through the collections of results, recommendations and methods.


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