Overview of EU Climate Change Adaptation Projects

A comprehensive EU resource combining information and synthesising the essence of selected EU project showcases strategies for seeking adaptation solutions. IMPRESSIONS together with our sister project HELIX are both featured in the High-end Solutions section. The document also covers topics such as Nature Based Solutions, Disaster Risk Reduction and Economics of Adaptation.

"Over the past 2 years, we have asked over 70 of our Framework Programme 7 and Horizon 2020 projects to re-align their objectives with those of the Paris Agreement and its 1.5°C/2°C goal. We are grateful for their flexibility and their strong commitment to make their results relevant for decision and policymaking. In line with this request, the projects in this booklet have provided information on risks and impacts of global warming above 1.5°C/2°C and the costs and benefits of adaptation. They have helped to make our crops and forests more resilient to climate change, improved the capacity to protect our societies from climate-related threats, and fostered the development of nature-based solutions and climate services to support decision-making."

All details in the official booklet.

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