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The Environmental Change Institute (ECI) is the University of Oxford’s centre for the organisation and promotion of research and teaching on the environment. Since its establishment in 1991, it has become a leader in environmental research with over 60 staff and students. ECI research focuses on global and regional environmental change, bringing together the natural and social sciences, and is orientated to applied and public policy. The Institute is organised around three major research themes – Climate, Energy and Ecosystems. The Ecosystems theme aims to advance scientific understanding of ecosystems and their role in the Earth's system; examine how humans and other species interact with ecosystems, particularly in the context of climate change; and explore the social, cultural and political impact of such interactions.


  • Coordination of FP7 projects, including RUBICODE, CLIMSAVE and IMPRESSIONS. 
  • Modelling the response of species distributions to climate change.
  • Modelling the impacts of climate change on biodiversity, its vulnerability and the implications for conservation.
  • Mapping and modelling ecosystem services.
  • Ecosystem services and environmental change, and in particular how the ecosystem approach relates to traditional approaches to conservation.
  • Linking biodiversity models to other sectoral impact models to quantify feedbacks and interactions.
  • Regional scale integrated assessment modelling of climate change impacts and adaptation.
  • Synergies and trade-offs between climate change adaptation and mitigation. 
  • Impacts of mitigation and adaptation measures on biodiversity.
  • Translation of science into policy through stakeholder engagement.


  • Coordinator and Lead of WP7 on project management and coordination
  • WP1: Ensuring decision-maker needs are integrated into the project work plan
  • WP2: Developing multi-scale integrated scenarios
  • WP3: Developing biodiversity models for within the CLIMSAVE Integrated Assessment Platform; modelling within the Hungarian case study
  • WP4: Assessment of synergies and trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation pathways 
  • WP5: Stress-testing existing policies and designing the Information Hub for synthesis and presentation of projects results
  • WP6: Planning and execution of the stakeholder workshops and other dissemination activities



Dr. Paula Harrison

IMPRESSIONS Project Co-ordinator
Senior Research Fellow at ECI
Coordinator of CLIMSAVE, Deputy coordinator of BESAFE and WP leader in OPENNESS and UK National Ecosystem Assessment 2

Research interests
Cross-sectoral, integrated models for investigating climate change impacts and adaptation options accounting for multiple drivers
Mapping and modelling ecosystem services
Scenario development and analysis
Stress-testing of policies under climate and socio-economic change

Dr. Pam Berry

Deputy Project Co-ordinator
Senior Research Fellow at ECI
Lead author of England chapter of UK National Ecosystem Assesment

Research interests: 
Integrated assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation
Synergies between mitigation and adaptation measures across multiple sectors
Science-policy interface through stakeholder engagement.


Dr. Robert Dunford

Postdoctoral Researcher at ECI
Specialist in spatial information technology
Project manager of the UK Adaptation Subcommittee 2013 data report

Research interests:
Addressing issues of environmental management using interdisciplinary, integrated, cross-sectoral and mixed methods approaches
Managing uncertainty in decision-making
Remote sensing of forestry

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