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The University of Milano-Bicocca is a multidisciplinary university that trains professionals in various fields: economics, law, science and technology, medicine, sociology, statistics, psychology and pedagogy. Teaching and research are carried out in 16 departments, employing over 900 teachers and researchers and about 1500 graduates in training (students, residents and fellows). The research activities of the University of Milano-Bicocca are primarily carried out in the areas of biotechnology and bio-sciences (including bioinformatics), biomedical technology, chemistry, physics, materials science, territorial and environmental sciences and sociology.


  • The University is partner in numerous projects worldwide, having received substantial funding for research from the European Commission and other international organisations and, through its Technology Transfer Office, the University offers the opportunity to exploit and apply innovative research results to industry.
  • Marco Grasso is a Senior Lecturer (Tenured Assistant Professor) in International Environmental Policy/Political Geography. His research covers: (i) international climate change policy and politics; and (ii) social vulnerability to climate change and human security. 
  • Current projects include: climate ethics; climate change and poverty; distribution of the emission budget; climate change governance; ethical aspects of funding for adaptation, and the politics of consumption-based carbon accounting.
  • He was co-organiser of the workshop "Multidisciplinary perspective on climate ethics" and is co-editing the related Special Issue (to be published in the journal Climatic Change). He also co-edited the "Handbook on climate change and human security".


  • UNIMIB will contribute to WP5 through the review, selection and testing of methods for assessing the aggregate level and societal distribution of costs and benefits of adaptation under high-end scenarios.


Marco Grasso

Senior Lecturer in Economic and Political International Environmental Policy

Research interests:
the socio-economic study of climate change and international environmental policy and politics
climate ethics
adaptation to climate change and its funding
human security and sustainable human development

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