Stakeholder engagement



Decision-makers from the five different case studies will be fully engaged throughout the whole project, through participating in a series of workshops that will identify their needs, allow them to define credible socio-economic scenarios, and develop transition pathways of actions to reduce and adapt to climate change. They will become part of an active online community with opportunities for continuous learning and involvement.


  • To develop a thorough understanding of the stakeholder network structures within the case studies by identifying, mapping, analysing and contacting the relevant groups and individuals involved in decision-making and capacity-building for coping with high-end climate change;
  • To create an effective human interface between researchers and decision-makers by directly engaging them in mutual learning and participatory processes for targeted interaction with the project;
  • To complement the direct participation at workshops with an efficient online process for engagement and community building with the decision-makers in the case studies; and,
  • To establish a monitoring system for tracking the progress in mutual learning and the quality of stakeholder engagement in IMPRESSIONS through recording and analysing their feedback from workshops and the continuous online engagement process to improve project activities.


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