Dissemination and outreach



The project results will be promoted widely to policy-makers, researchers, the media and members of the public, via published papers, conferences, press releases and an online Information Hub.


  • To create and maintain the project branding products, promotional materials, website, social network profiles, internal communication platform and online libraries;
  • To communicate, publish and disseminate the project results to a wide range of target groups, including those beyond the case studies who can learn from the storylines, results and actions taken within the context of the cases, the wider public, media, policy-makers and strategic planners across different social and economic sectors at local, regional, national and international scales; and,
  • To undertake the technical implementation of the web-based IMPRESSIONS Information Hub for discussion and promotion of the research findings, including an online platform that supports the development of a knowledge network and builds an extended community of practice for continuous mutual learning.


Further information on each research area is provided through the following links:

Innovative and effective decision-making under uncertainty

Development of integrated multi-scale scenarios

Advancement of climate change impact, adaptation and vulnerability (CCIAV) methods and models

Development of adaptation and mitigation pathways

Risks, opportunities, costs and benefits of adaptation and mitigation

Stakeholder engagement

Dissemination and outreach

Case studies